Arizona Rink Protocal

by Daryn Goodwin

Covid-19 info for AZ on January 15th-18th

  • Stay home if you are sick with a cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever or chills or if you are currently under quarantine or isolation.
  • Every person that enters the facility will have to do so wearing a mask (properly).  Parents and coaches will have to always keep their mask on when inside the facility.  
  • Players must wear mask to and from the locker room.   They will be allowed to remove their mask once they put on their helmet and enter the rink for the game.  Once the game is over and they take their helmet off, they will need to put their mask back on.
  • We ask that everyone maintain at least 6 ft of social distancing inside the facility.  Once the game is over, all players and parents must exit the facility.
  • We ask that coaches keep the team inside the locker room until their scheduled game time.  Our goal is to make sure the benches are completely clear and the team from the prior game is inside the locker room before the next team enters the rink.  We will need cooperation from the coaches, players, and parents.
  • Games will start at their scheduled start time, not early.
  • No Parents will be allowed on the rink for the championship ceremony.  Players will receive medals and photos will be taken by our staff.

With your help and cooperation we look forward to a fun, safe event!